Electronics Department

The Electronics Department is made up of two branches, each with distinctive support services.

The Radio Systems Department, located on Schillinger Road, administers and maintains Mobile County’s 800 MHz Enhanced Digital Access Communication System (EDACS). This system is used by the Public Works department and various other non-first responder agencies. The EDACS system also serves as a back-up for the Mobile County Communication District’s first responder system. The department’s responsibilities include the maintenance of the system’s microwave equipment, lights, generators and towers at 10 sites. Additional duties include the maintenance of conventional radio repeaters and general maintenance of the portable radio systems for the Mobile County Commission and Mobile County’s first responders.

The Facilities Electronic Systems Department, located in Downtown Mobile, maintains all Electronic Fire Alarm Systems to include detection, visual and audio appliances, elevator recall, air handler shutdown, damper controls, and automation and controls, maintains all Security Surveillance Systems to include over 1,000 fixed cameras, pan/tilt/zoom cameras, monitors, digital video recorders, video switches, and auxiliary alarms, maintains all Security Control Systems to include cardkey readers, door release, front-end server / computer, touch screen computer control, jail intercoms, light controls, and T.V. controls, maintains Audio / Visual Systems to include recording / producing County Commission conferences and meetings, City of Mobile meetings, Planning Commission meetings, and all public events, facilitates maintenance and repair of Elevator Systems and facilitates maintenance and repair of Environmental Control Systems to include front end server / computer, control panels, network switches/routers, HVAC controls, boiler controls, and Variable Air Values.